Soviet Montage Cinema

Soviet Montage Cinema Soviet montage is an approach to understand and create a cinema that relies on editing or montage. The Soviet montage movement began nearly in 1924. During the years of the Russian Revolution, the filmmaker has been found themselves short for supplying of cinema. At that time what they decide was using piecesContinue reading “Soviet Montage Cinema”

social Loafing Theory

  This theory is experienced by William Latane. In social psychology, it is the phenomenon of a person exerting fewer efforts to achieve a goal when they work in a group that they work alone. In other words, our level of efforts consistently decreases when we work in groups and we do not work hardContinue reading “social Loafing Theory”

Edward Bernays

Edward Bernays Edward Bernays was known as the Father of PR. He was an Australian- American born on November 22nd, 1892- March 9th, 1995. He was a pioneer in the field of Public Relation and Propaganda. He did his graduation from Cornell. After his graduation, he wrote for The National Nurseryman Journal. He also workedContinue reading “Edward Bernays”

Restriction in Media research

 The press and Registration of Book Act – 1867 The Press (Objectionable Matters) Act – 1951 The Cinematography Act – 1952 Delivery of Books & Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act – 1954 Drug and Magic Remedies Act -1954 The Working Journalist and Other Newspaper Employees Act – 1955 The Newspaper (Price & Pages) Act – 1956Continue reading “Restriction in Media research”


Television History Television experiment was first initiated in 1920 in the USA and Europe. After a few years of this experiment, the Iconoscope (the electric television tube) was invented in 1923. Iconoscope was the first video camera tube that has been used in early television camera’s. it was invented by Vladimir K. Zworykin. He alsoContinue reading “Television”

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