Riley & Riley Model

  The husband and wife team of Sociologists John W. and Matilda White Riley developed the communication model called Riley and Riley model. They discussed about their ideas about communication theory in an article entitled Mass Communication and the Social System in 1959. The idea of their work revolves around the Aristotle and Lasswell modelContinue reading “Riley & Riley Model”

ACT Theory

  The ACT is a cognition theory developed by John R. Anderson an American Psychologist. He was born in 1947 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was well known as Cognition Architect as he had expertized in Cognitive Psychology. Theory:- This theory talked about the tasks performed by Human Beings. Each and every task performed byContinue reading “ACT Theory”

The Osgood- Schramm Model

  In 1954 Charles E. Osgood presented the theory of meaning. Wilbur Schramm changed this theory of meaning into a model and after this model became the Circular Model of communication. Charles E. Osgood was an American Psychologist who developed the technique of measuring the ‘connotative meaning’ of the concept, known as semantic Differential. OsgoodContinue reading “The Osgood- Schramm Model”

सोशल लोफिंग सिद्धांत

  यह सिद्धांत विलियम लैटाने (William Latane) द्वारा अनुभव किआ गया था | सामजिक मनोविज्ञान में एक एक ऐसी घटना है जिसमे कहा गया है की कुछ लोगों के एक ग्रुप द्वारा किआ गया काम उतना प्रभावित या लक्ष्य को प्राप्त नहीं करता जितना की एक वियक्ति द्वारा किआ गया काम | दूसरे शब्दों में,Continue reading “सोशल लोफिंग सिद्धांत”

 Two-step theory

  The concept of Two-step flow theory was presented by Paul Felix Lazarsfeld. He was American- Australian Sociologist. He also presented the concept of opinion Leader in his two-step theory. Hypodermic theory and bullet theory talked about the direct effect of media messages, but two-step flow theory is totally opposite of these theories. It emphasizesContinue reading ” Two-step theory”

Lasswell formula

Harold Dwight Lasswell Harold D. Lasswell was an American Scientist & Communication theorist. He did his P.HD from Chicago University and was a Professor of Law at Yale University. He has been known a “One man university” because of his expertise in different sectors such as communication, psychology, anthropology, economics, law, and sociology are theContinue reading “Lasswell formula”

one step flow theory

  This theory is also known as hypodermic needle theory, magic bullet theory and, powerful effect theory. According to the prior scholars of the communication, the mass communication medium is that much effected that they can easily change people ideas according to their own. Even they also have that much power to change the votingContinue reading “one step flow theory”

Diffusion of Innovation

  After two-step flow theory scholars came with the idea of Multi-Step theory. Where two-step theory talks about the indirect effect of mass media from media to opinion leader and opinion leader to general public multi-step theory talks about innovation. In multi-step theory, scholars tried to find out in which process people accept the innovationContinue reading “Diffusion of Innovation”

Claude Elwood Shannon and Warren Weaver

Claude Shannon is known as the father of Information Theory. He was an American mathematician, electric engineer, and Cryptographer. His theory was a landmark, ‘mathematical theory of communication has been published in Bail system technical journal in 1948. Shannon was born (1862-1934) in the Petoskey, in the U.S.A state of Michigan. He has also createdContinue reading “Claude Elwood Shannon and Warren Weaver”

Aristotle Model

Aristotle was a Greek Philosopher in the ancient Greek. He was born (382-322 BC) in the city of Stagira in Northen Greece. He has been known as the father of  Western Philosophy. He was the writer of many subjects includes – Rhetoric, psychology, aesthetics, linguistics, economics, politics, poetry and many more. About the speech:- AristotleContinue reading “Aristotle Model”

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