Radio Stations of India

Radio Stations of India Radio Mirchi (98.3 FM) Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM is a nationwide network of a private FM radio station of India. It is owned by the Entertainment Network India Ltd. which is one of the subscribers of the Times Group. The original avatar of Radio Mirchi is Times FM. It was startedContinue reading “Radio Stations of India”

Prasar Bharti

 Prasar Bharti is a statutory autonomous body. It was established under the Prasar Bharti Act 1990 and came into existence on 23rd November 1997. It is India’s largest public service broadcasting agency. The objectives of the Prasar Bharti are achieved by its comprising Units All India Radio and Doordarshan television network. Earlier it was underContinue reading “Prasar Bharti”

History of Radio

Short Notes on the History of Radio World war first induced the industrialization of Wireless Telegraphy. Hams (wireless telegraphy hobbyists) were used widely during the first world war. The first regular broadcasting in the world was started in Pittsburg (USA) in 1920. It was about election news, sporting events, and opera performance. By middle 1923Continue reading “History of Radio”

Indian Radio Broadcasting

Indian Broadcasting introduction(Radio) Radio broadcasting was introduced in India by radio clubs in Calcutta (November 1923), Bombay (June 1923), and Madras (July 1924). The transmission has been done from the roof of Times of India building on August 20th, 1921. The first-ever license has been given for transmitting broadcast was on February 23rd, 1922. LionelContinue reading “Indian Radio Broadcasting”

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