International news agency

International news agency Reuters Reuters is an international news agency founded by Paul Julius Reuters. It was established in 1851. It was owned by Thomson Corporation in 2008. Its headquarter is in London. About Reuters:- Reuters worked at a Book Publishing firm in Berlin. In 1851 he moved to London and established a news wireContinue reading “International news agency”

News Agencies in India

News Agencies in India An Indian Journalist K.C Roy set up the first Indian News Agency called Press Information Bureau (PNB) in 1919. S. Sadanand established a nationalistic news agency called Free Press of India (FPI) in 1930 that could not run more than a year. In 1933, the UPI came out from FPI andContinue reading “News Agencies in India”

Media Organization

PCI,First Press Council, & Second Press Council Press Council of India:- the press council is a statutory body and autonomous body which formulates guidelines and code of conduct for the press which is followed by members of the press voluntarily. It has the power of the Civil Court. The first press council was initiated byContinue reading “Media Organization”

Famous Dailies (News Papers) in India and their Editor-in-Chiefs  

Famous Dailies (News Papers) in India and their Editor-in-Chiefs   Newspaper/Journal Chief Editor   The Hindu   N.Ravi   The Times of India   Jaideep Bose   Indian Express   Shekhar Gupta   The New Indian Express   Prabhu Chawla   Hindustan Times Sanjoy Narayan   India Today   Aroon Purie   Outlook   KrishnaContinue reading “Famous Dailies (News Papers) in India and their Editor-in-Chiefs  “

Newspaper or Journal Founder

Newspaper or Journal Founder Newspaper/Journal Founder Al –Hilal (Daily) Al –Balagh (weekly)   Abul Kalam Azad New India Commonweal Annie Besant Sandhya B.B. Upadhyaya Mooknayak Bahishkrit Bharat… Dr. B.R Ambedkar Kesari Mahratta… Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Darpan Balshastri Jambhekar Kavi Vachan Sudha Bhartendu Harishchandra Jugantar Bhupendranath Data and Barindra Kumar Ghosh New India (Weekly) BipinContinue reading “Newspaper or Journal Founder”

Books, Authors and Concepts

Books, Authors and Concepts by different Media Professionals AUTHORS BOOKS/Theory/Concepts Alvin Toffler Future Shock The Third Wave Power Shift Daniel Bell The Post-industrial Society John Naisbitt Megatrends Jacob Bronowski Ascent of Man Marshall Mcluhan The Medium is the Message Manual Castells The Information Age Network Society William Stephenson Play Theory E.M Rogers Father of PopularContinue reading “Books, Authors and Concepts”


THE VARIOUS PRINTING PROCESSES Printing Process Inventor Year 1.       Letterpress Printing Process Johann Gutenberg 1440 2.       Offset Printing Process Allois Senefelder 1796 3. Rotary Printing Process Richard MarchHoe 1843 4. Linotype Printing Process Ottmar Mergenthaler 1884 5.       Gravure Printing Process Karl Kleitsch 1879 6.       Flexography Printing Process C.A Howles 1908 7.    Continue reading “THE VARIOUS PRINTING PROCESSES”

Print Media Terminologies

Print Media Terminologies AIR (Average Issue Readership) AIR of any publication is the number of people who claim to have read the publication within a time period equal to the periodicity of the publication preceding the day of interview. Frequency of Issue   AIR Quarterlies   Read in the last 3 months Bi-monthlies   ReadContinue reading “Print Media Terminologies”

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