Types of Propaganda

Types of Propaganda Propaganda is a form of communication design to influence people thinking and actions or influence the attitudes of communities towards the desired action. Propaganda is a way of communication which used to influence people opinion with regards to a particular object, subjects, cause or any issue. The word propaganda is often usedContinue reading “Types of Propaganda”

Edward Bernays

Edward Bernays Edward Bernays was known as the Father of PR. He was an Australian- American born on November 22nd, 1892- March 9th, 1995. He was a pioneer in the field of Public Relation and Propaganda. He did his graduation from Cornell. After his graduation, he wrote for The National Nurseryman Journal. He also workedContinue reading “Edward Bernays”

Four Models of PR

 Professor Todd Hunt and James E. Gruning developed the four models of Public Relation in 1984 that describes the sectors diverse management and organizational practices. This model serves guidelines to design a Programme and strategic planning for PR campaigning.  Four models of Public Relations Model Type of Communication Characteristics   Press Agent/ Publicity Model One-WayContinue reading “Four Models of PR”

RACE Model of Public Relation

  RACE Model:- this model was propounded by John Marston in 1963. RACE is an Acronym where R– Research, A– Action, C– Communication, E– Evaluation. RACE model can be used in the strategic planning of PR. Research is the very first step toward any marketing planning. Research brings out the SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity,Continue reading “RACE Model of Public Relation”

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