Questions on Indian Cinema

1.First Marathi film produced in India? a. Vilasi Ishvar b. Shwans c. Vittal d. Natrang 2. The first film of India Screened at which Place? a.Film city, Mumbai b. Taj Hotel, Mumbai c. Watson Hotel, Mumbai d. Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai 3. The first south Indian Movie of India? a. Keechakvadham b.Anna c. Dancer d. Kalli 4.Continue reading “Questions on Indian Cinema”

NIRF Ranking 2019

NIRF Ranking 2019 (National Institutional Ranking Framework)  Top 10 Educational Institutes in all categories NIRF Ranking 2019: – Overall Category Indian Institute of Technology Madras Indian Institute of Science Bangalore Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur JNU, Delhi Indian Institute ofContinue reading “NIRF Ranking 2019”

Types of camera

Types of camera  DSLR This is probably the digital camera you picture in your head when you think of a digital camera. Overall, they are extremely versatile and perform well in almost all situations. Pros: A DSLR consists of a body—the part of the camera that records the image—and a removable lens. This ability to changeContinue reading “Types of camera”

Basic 3- Point Lightning

Basic 3- Point Lightning  Three-point lightening is used in video production. The three lights are- Key, Fill and Back. Key Light– it is a main light on the subject. Due to the fact that there will be too much Shadow on the opposite side of the subject to the key light, a fill light mustContinue reading “Basic 3- Point Lightning”

International days

 International Days Observed by UNESCO   Numbers Day Date 1.       International Day of Women & Girls in Science 11th February 2.       World Radio Day 13th February 3.       International Mother Language Day 21st February 4.       International Women’s Day 8th March 5.       World Poetry Day 21st March 6.       World Day ofContinue reading “International days”

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