Patterns of Communication

Patterns of Communication Communication patterns are such structures in which communication will flow in an organization. We can understand it as a link which helps organizational workers to communicate according to these patterns structured by a particular organization. These communication patterns are responsible for work efficiency and who answerable to whom. It also helps inContinue reading “Patterns of Communication”


 JOHARI WINDOW  Johari window was created by an American psychologist Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955. It is primarily used in self- help as a heuristic exercise. Luft and Ingham gave name to this model Johari using a combination of their first initials. This model helps people to better understand themselves. This model isContinue reading ” JOHARI WINDOW”

Media literacy

Media literacy The U.S based National Association for Media Literacy Education defined Media Literacy as the ability to Access, Analyze, Evaluate, Create, and Act using all forms of communication. media literacy education is a part of the US and some European Countries curriculum. Like traditional literacy, media literacy involves critical thinking, analytical skills, and theContinue reading “Media literacy”

Forms of Communication

Forms of Communication  Intrapersonal Communication:- when a person communicates with his own mind and develops functional ideas is called Intrapersonal Communication. this type of communication is a result of Cognition and external influences on this thinking. This communication can be an individual reflection, Contemplation, and meditation. Conversation with Divine, Spirit, and Ancestors may be termedContinue reading “Forms of Communication”


Types of communication There are two types of communication:- Verbal Non-Verbal Verbal Communication:- verbal communication divided into two types first is Oral and second is Written. Oral communication- the objective of this communication is to ensure that people understand whatever you want to say. It is an informal way of Communication. Oral communication has majorContinue reading “Communication”

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