German Expressionism Cinema

German Expressionism Cinema German Expressionism is an artistic style that first appeared in poetry and theatre in 1910. It became popular in films after WWI. Initially, it has come from German romanticism but later german filmmakers have been used hyper expressive performances and visual distortions to show the countries turmoils, fears, and their collective anxietyContinue reading “German Expressionism Cinema”

Soviet Montage Cinema

Soviet Montage Cinema Soviet montage is an approach to understand and create a cinema that relies on editing or montage. The Soviet montage movement began nearly in 1924. During the years of the Russian Revolution, the filmmaker has been found themselves short for supplying of cinema. At that time what they decide was using piecesContinue reading “Soviet Montage Cinema”

Riley & Riley Model

  The husband and wife team of Sociologists John W. and Matilda White Riley developed the communication model called Riley and Riley model. They discussed about their ideas about communication theory in an article entitled Mass Communication and the Social System in 1959. The idea of their work revolves around the Aristotle and Lasswell modelContinue reading “Riley & Riley Model”

Questions on Indian Cinema

1.First Marathi film produced in India? a. Vilasi Ishvar b. Shwans c. Vittal d. Natrang 2. The first film of India Screened at which Place? a.Film city, Mumbai b. Taj Hotel, Mumbai c. Watson Hotel, Mumbai d. Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai 3. The first south Indian Movie of India? a. Keechakvadham b.Anna c. Dancer d. Kalli 4.Continue reading “Questions on Indian Cinema”

NIRF Ranking 2019

NIRF Ranking 2019 (National Institutional Ranking Framework)  Top 10 Educational Institutes in all categories NIRF Ranking 2019: – Overall Category Indian Institute of Technology Madras Indian Institute of Science Bangalore Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur JNU, Delhi Indian Institute ofContinue reading “NIRF Ranking 2019”

ACT Theory

  The ACT is a cognition theory developed by John R. Anderson an American Psychologist. He was born in 1947 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was well known as Cognition Architect as he had expertized in Cognitive Psychology. Theory:- This theory talked about the tasks performed by Human Beings. Each and every task performed byContinue reading “ACT Theory”

International news agency

International news agency Reuters Reuters is an international news agency founded by Paul Julius Reuters. It was established in 1851. It was owned by Thomson Corporation in 2008. Its headquarter is in London. About Reuters:- Reuters worked at a Book Publishing firm in Berlin. In 1851 he moved to London and established a news wireContinue reading “International news agency”

News Agencies in India

News Agencies in India An Indian Journalist K.C Roy set up the first Indian News Agency called Press Information Bureau (PNB) in 1919. S. Sadanand established a nationalistic news agency called Free Press of India (FPI) in 1930 that could not run more than a year. In 1933, the UPI came out from FPI andContinue reading “News Agencies in India”

  Film Genres

 Film Genres  Genre Types(represented by icons)  Genre Descriptions   Action films usually include high energy, big-budget physical stunts and chases, possibly with rescues, battles, fights, escapes, destructive crises (floods, explosions, natural disasters, fires, etc.), non-stop motion, spectacular rhythm and pacing, and adventurous, often two-dimensional ‘good-guy’ heroes (or recently, heroines) battling ‘bad guys’ – all designedContinue reading ”  Film Genres”

Media Organization

PCI,First Press Council, & Second Press Council Press Council of India:- the press council is a statutory body and autonomous body which formulates guidelines and code of conduct for the press which is followed by members of the press voluntarily. It has the power of the Civil Court. The first press council was initiated byContinue reading “Media Organization”