Riley & Riley Model


The husband and wife team of Sociologists John W. and Matilda White Riley developed the communication model called Riley and Riley model. They discussed about their ideas about communication theory in an article entitled Mass Communication and the Social System in 1959. The idea of their work revolves around the Aristotle and Lasswell model of communication.


The model shows communicator (C) emerges as a part of the larger social system who sends messages and information according to the expectations or needs of  group or people within the same social structure.  this process also same for the receiver (R). this model clearly shows that the model is two- way process. It is a two way communication and both C & R are part of this large social system.

larger social structure (1) holds , communicator, primary group a1 and a2. communicator (C) represents the larger social group 1. larger social group 2 holds receiver, primary group b1 and b2. Receiver (R) is representing the large social group 2.

in the above model we can see that the large Group 1 and large Group 2 comes under the Overall Social System. communicator and receiver are interdependent by  feedback. It is a two way communication. this model helps to solve the dispute between two groups with in a large social system. It creates better understanding between the groups.

here it needs to understand that who are the primary group? in primary group might be your friends, relatives with whom you can share a degree of intimacy.

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