News Agencies in India

News Agencies in India

An Indian Journalist K.C Roy set up the first Indian News Agency called Press Information Bureau (PNB) in 1919. S. Sadanand established a nationalistic news agency called Free Press of India (FPI) in 1930 that could not run more than a year. In 1933, the UPI came out from FPI and proved to be a great success. Until independence, Reuters and UPI were the main sources of news.

By1949, Indian and Eastern News agency had started its own agency called The Press Trust of India (PTI). This was the time we called a setup of Indian News agency run properly till now and all we have many more apart from this.

  1. Press Trust of India (PTI)- press trust of India also known as PTI is the largest news agency of India. It was founded on 27th August 1947. Its headquarters is in New Delhi. Its present Chairman is Vijay Kumar Chopra. PTI has expended its services and has Foreign correspondents in New York, Moscow, Kathmandu, Colombo, London, and many other countries as well. It has other news agencies with whom it shares its information such as Reuters, AFP. It has relation with other agencies for sharing news like, AP for international photographs, and AP-Dow Jones for international economic and financial news. PTI has teamed with AAP(information service of Australia), Nihon Keizai Shimbun of Japan, Antara news agency of Indonesia, and YONHAP of South Korea.


Major Indian subscribers of PTI are The Hindu, Times of India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, The Statesman, The Tribune, The All India Radio, Doordarshan. Press Trust of India is the only news agency in Asia which has its own communication Satellite an INSAT.  PTI has its offices in Dubai, Colombo, Bejing, Bangkok, Washington DC, New York, Moscow, Islamabad, and Kualalampur. PTI –Bhasha is the Hindi news service unit of PTI.

1905 Birth of API (Associated Press of India), by K.C Roy, First Indian news agency.
1919 Reuters takes over operation of API.
1953 PTI became free agent, independent of Reuters.
1976 PTI,UNI,Samachar Bharti and Hindustan Samachar merged under pressure during emergency.
1986 PTI-TV launched
1986 PTI-Bhasha launched, making it bi-lingual.
  1. United News of India (UNI)- United News of India was founded on 19th December 1959 as an English news agency. It is a multilingual news agency set up by Dr. B.C Roy. Its commercial operation was started on 21st March 1961. Its headquater is in New Delhi. Univerta is UNI Hindi unit. UNI started its Urdu service in 1992. Its present chairman is Vishvas Tripathi.


UNI offers various services to ith thousands of subscribers in India and 30 abroad, include UNIFIN, finance and banking service,UNISTOCK, a service for stock exchange, and UNISCAN, a news service fed directly into television sets. UNI is the first agency to start first multilingual news agency called UNIVERTA on 1st May 1982.

  1. Hindi News Agency
  • PTI -Bhasha, and UNIVARTA are the Hindi units of the two national news agencies called PTI and UNI.
  • Hindustan Samachar India’s first multilingual news agency was founded by S.S Apte in 1948.
  • Samachar bharti began in 1967 supported by government of Bihar.Gujrat,Rajasthan and Karnatka. Jayprakash Narayan was its first chairma.

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