Johari window was created by an American psychologist Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955. It is primarily used in self- help as a heuristic exercise. Luft and Ingham gave name to this model Johari using a combination of their first initials. This model helps people to better understand themselves. This model is also known as Feedback or Disclosure model of Self- Awareness.


This is an exercise of self-help where a person selects a number of adjectives from a list that describe his or her personality and that person’s peers get a chance to select a number of adjectives from the list that describes the subject (person). These adjectives are then inserted into the grid of four cells.

The philosopher Charles Handy called this concept of Johari Window the Johari House with four rooms.

  • The four quadrants:-

  1.  Open/ self area– this includes things that we know about ourselves and others have known about us. In this cell, a person’s behavior, attitude,skills, nature, etc. known by the person as well as others.this is the cell where all communications occur and more feedback is possible as the size of the open area increases more and effective interaction will take place.
  2. Blind area– this cell includes things others know about us that we do not know. In this way information about you is known by others but not you.
  3. Hidden area– things we know about ourselves that others do not know. This can be any personal information that you do not want to share with others and want to keep things aside. This includes past experience, emotions, fears, scared of something, etc. some of our feelings and emotions are private so this makes are relationships little effective with others. To keep that thing narrow we should move from Hidden to open space.
  4. Unknown area– things neither we nor others know about us. This could be un-discovered talent. This can happen as our past experience were not so good that made us on this track where we avoid to discover ourselves at any point of life. For that reason open area could be a better option as it is effective to decreases the size of the unknown area.
  • This model based on two ideas-

  1. Trust can be obtained by revealing information about you to others.
  2. Learning yourselves from their feedback.
  • Example-

Roma got a job in an organization. her co-workers do not know about her. So, in this case, Hidden and Un-known area must increases as it contains secrets and undiscovered talent.


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