Books, Authors and Concepts

Books, Authors and Concepts by different Media Professionals



Alvin Toffler Future Shock

The Third Wave

Power Shift

Daniel Bell The Post-industrial Society
John Naisbitt Megatrends
Jacob Bronowski Ascent of Man
Marshall Mcluhan The Medium is the Message
Manual Castells The Information Age

Network Society

William Stephenson Play Theory
E.M Rogers Father of Popular Journalism
Robert Merton Middle Range Theory
William Randolph Hurst

& Joseph Pulitzer

Yellow Journalism
Nora C. Quebral,

Daniel Lerner,

Wilbur Schramm,

Everett Rogers

Development Communication
De Fleur &

Ball Rokeach

Media Dependancy
Patternson &

Mc Clure

Political Socialization
C.R Write Functional Analysis
Alan Chalkley Development Journalism
Robert Merton Structural Functionalist
Herbert Spencer Laissez- Fair in Evolutionary Perspective
C.H Colley Symbolic Interactionism


Social Conflict
Willbur Schramm Frames of reference
Antonio Gramsci Coercion & Consent
Donald & Maxwell


George Gerbner Resonance
Stuart Hall Circuit of Culture
Rabindra Nath Tagore Chitra
Sarat Chandra Chatterjee Devdas
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Durgesh Nandini
Tara Shankar Bandopadhyay Gandevta
B.H Westley &


A conceptual model of communication research
D.J Tichenor,

G.A Donohue,

C.N Olieu

Mass media flow and differential growth in knowledge
Claud & Weaver The mathematical theory of communication
Harold Lasswell The structural & Function of communication in society
John Fiske Semiotic Power
Herbert Schiller Corporatisation of Culture
John B. Thompson Social theory of media
Greg Philo Audience perception of reality
John Kean The media and Democracy
Louis Guttman Cumulative Scale
Frank Moraes A witness to an Era
Franz Kafka The Judgment
Ramchandra Guha India after Gandhi
S.Singh Ink in my VeinsS
William Latane Social Loafing Theory
W.W Rostow Growth theory
Herbert Spencer Evolutionary perspective
Bernard Berelson Content Analysis
Kurt Lewin Action Research
K. Rama Rao Pen is my Sword
George A. Miller Information processing theory
Johann Galtung Structural Violence
Erving Goffman Frame analysis
Baxter & Babbie The Basics of communication research
Baran & Davis Mass communication theory: foundation, ferment,& future
Little John Theories of Human communication
Wimmer & Dominick Mass media research: an introduction
Robert J. Lavidge & Grey A. Steiner Effect model
Tavleen Singh Durbar
John Fiske Semiotic Power
Herbert Schiller Corporatisation of Culture
John B. Thompson Social theory of media
Grey Philo Audience perception of reality
John Fiske Book, Television, Culture
Julia Cage Saving the media
William Hachten Cultural Imperialism
Jan Servaes Multiplicity of paradigm
David Mc Clelland The Achieving Society
E.F Schumacher Small is beautiful
Everett Hagan Theory of social change


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