Ghanshyam Goyal (IIS officer) is the head of Bureau of Outreach Communication (BOC), an entity formed by merging of DFP, S&DD, and DAVP.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had integrated its three departments — Directorate of Field Publicity (DFP), Song and Drama Division (S&DD) and Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP).

Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) is a nodal multimedia advertising agency of the government and a media unit of Information and Broadcasting. It serves to the need for Ministry or Departments of the Government, Public sectors, and autonomous bodies.

DAVP works to inform or educate people of the Urban and Rural about new policies, messages, government plans and also motivate them. Through different media it reaches to the general public. DAVP reaches to the public through modern and traditional means of communication such as Radio,Television, Print,Press Releases, Exhibitions outdoor advertising,etc. its expertise in the campaign throughout the country with the use of different media.

The origin of DAVP can be traced to the times of World War-II. Immediately after the outbreak of the Second World War, the erstwhile government of India appointed a Chief Press Advisor. Besides other things, advertising was also the responsibility of the Chief Press Advisor. A post of Advertising Consultant was created in June 1941 under the Chief Press Advisor. This is where DAVP has its roots.

On March 1, 1942, the Advertising Consultant Office became the Advertising Branch of the Department of Information & Broadcasting. Following the expansion in its scope, functions, and activities, this Advertising unit was declared an Attached Office of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting on October 1, 1955. The office also assumed the name of Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity(DAVP). DAVP was further declared as Head of a Department on April 4, 1959. By virtue of this declaration, financial and administrative powers were delegated to DAVP (davp.nic.in).

Role of DAVP

  1. To perform the functions of a multi-media advertising agency for the Central Government.
  2. To act as service agency for Central Government ministries/departments to meet their publicity needs including the production of media inputs as well as dissemination of messages/information.
  3. To help Central Government departments in formulating communication strategies/media plans and help implement them at the grass-root level by providing multi-media support

Channel of communication used are:-

  • Advertisements
  • Exhibitions
  • Out-door publicity
  • Printed publicity
  • Audio and visual publicity
  • Mailing of publicity material
  • Digital media publicity

The main set-up of DAVP at the headquarters consists of :

  1.  Campaign Wing – for coordinating publicity campaigns
  2. Advertising Wing – for release of press advertisement
  3. Outdoor Publicity Wing – for the display of outdoor publicity material
  4. Printed Publicity Wing – for the printing of publicity material
  5. Exhibition Wing – for putting-up exhibitions
  6. Mass Mailing Wing – for distribution of publicity material
  7. Audio-Visual Cell – for production of audio/video programs
  8. Studio with DTP facility – for designing
  9. Copy Wing – for making a copy
  10. Coordination Cell – for coordinating PQs, VIP ref., Parl.Committees
  11. Electronic Data Processing Centre – for processing of bills.
  12. Accounts Wing
  13. Administration Wing

Some of the important subjects publicized by DAVP include:-

  1. Health & Family Welfare
  2. Drug Abuse & Prohibition
  3. Women & Child Development
  4. Upliftment of Girl Child
  5. Education
  6. Adult Education
  7. Non-Conventional Energy Sources
  8. Mahila Samridhi Yojana
  9. National Integration & Communal Harmony
  10. Creating public opinion against dowry, female infanticide, child labor, beggary, etc.
  11. Blood Donation
  12. AIDS Awareness
  13. Consumer Protection
  14. Safe Drinking Water
  15. The welfare of the Handicapped
  16. Water-Borne Diseases
  17. Handicrafts
  18. Social Welfare Programmes
  19. Agriculture
  20. Food & Nutrition
  21. National Social Assistance Programmes
  22. TRYSEM
  23. IRDP
  24. DWCRA
  25. Employment Assurance Scheme
  26. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
  27. Panchayati Raj and
  28. Commemoration of 50 Years of India’s Independence

DAVP Network of Offices

  1. Regional office Banglore and Guwahati
  2. The regional distribution center at Calcutta and Chennai
  3. 35 field exhibition units
  4. Regional workshop at Chennai
  5. Distribution production center Guwahati

DAVP Headquaters


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  1. DAVP, http://www.davp.nic.in/

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