Edward Bernays

Edward Bernayspropaganda

Edward Bernays was known as the Father of PR. He was an Australian- American born on November 22nd, 1892- March 9th, 1995. He was a pioneer in the field of Public Relation and Propaganda. He did his graduation from Cornell. After his graduation, he wrote for The National Nurseryman Journal. He also worked for Louis Dreyfus & company reading grain cables. Bernays also worked as a creative press agent. He promoted the stage play called Daddy Long Legs by connected it with the cause of the charity of orphans. He was publicity director of The New York World’s Fair.

Edward vision was about a utopian ( it is an imagined society that possessed desirable and perfect qualities of life for its citizens.) society in which people libidinal energies can be challenged by elite and for economic benefit. He introduces the term ‘Masses’ who affected by their outside conscious understanding. Masses can be manipulated by propaganda technique easily. Here he emphasizes the term propaganda to gain the trust of the people.

Larry Tye a well-known Journalist wrote Biography of Edward Bernays called ‘The Future of Spin’ in 1999.

  • His Books:-

  1.  The Broadway Anthology (1917)
  2. Crystallizing public opinion (1923)
  3. Propaganda (1928)
  4. Public Relation (1945)
  5. The Engineering of Consent (1955)
  •  Major Public relation campaigns of Edward Bernays:-

  1. Cigarettes
  2. Water fluoridation
  3. Food
  4. Political Propaganda
  5. Hygiene
  6. The Arts


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