Broadcasting Committees

Broadcasting Committees

  1.  Chanda Committee:- it recommended that a broadcasting corporation should be established by an act of parliament in which its objectives should be clearly laid down. It emphasized that the scope of Govt. authority should be clearly defined and be free of ambiguity. Chanda Committee on Broadcasting and information media said in its report on April 1966 that AIR can be liberated and separated Corporation for Akashvani and DD. On April 1st, 1976 TV was separated from AIR.
  2. Verghese Committee:- it recommended the setting up of a National Broadcast Trust called Akash Bharti under which a highly decentralized structure would operate. Verghese committee on 1978 strongly recommended granting broadcasts franchises to educational institution higher education project launched in August 1984 known as Countrywide Classroom.
  3. Joshi committee:- it noted that the crucial issue is not autonomy versus government but urgent reforms in structure and management styles for support to creativity. It recommended the creation of an institutional arrangement which provided co-orientation and integration among political and communication spheres for policy guidelines and evaluation of the software.
  4. Prasar Bharti committee Bill:- this bill (1989) is based on the Verghese report (1978) and the Prasar Bharti Bill (1979) that was introduced by the Janta Regime in Parliament May 1979. this bill clearly wanted broadcasting autonomy to be a part of the Indian Constitution. This committee against the copying blindly the structure and organization of the western broadcasting institution.
  5.  Prasar Bharti Act:– Vardhan Committee (1991) re-examine the Prasar Bharti Act (1990). It suggested that DD should devote at least 20% of total broadcasting time on each channel to a socially relevant program. The Ram Vilas Paswan Committee was set up to look over the Prasar Bharti Act in 1995. The Nitish Sengupta Committee (1996) was constituted in 1996 to have another look at the Prasar Bharti Act.
  1. The Broadcasting Bill (1997):- in middle of the May 1997 the Broadcasting Bill was introduced in parliament. A committee headed by Mr. Sharad Pawar was constituted to have a second look on the controversial clauses such as cross-media ownership, licensing procedure, extent of foreign equity to be permitted.

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