All India Radio

 Motto:- Bahujanahitaya


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All India Radio is the largest radio network in the world. It reaches approximately 92% of the countries area and 99.19% of the total population. AIR home services comprise 420 stations located across the country.

AIR stands for All India Radio established in 8th June 1936 and came to know as Akashvani ( voice from the sky) in 1956. It is a public broadcaster of India under the division of Prasar Bharti. AIR derives program in 23 Languages and 179 Dialects.

Akashvani term first used by M.V Gopalaswami in the context of radio in 1936 after setting India’s first private radio station in his place Vittal Vihar. Later  Akashvani adopted as AIR on-air name in 1957.


Broadcasting began on 23rd June 1923 by the radio club of Bombay.on 23rd July 1927 it was launched as a private Indian Broadcasting Company Ltd. (IBC). Bombay station began on 23rd July 1927 and Calcutta Station on 26th August 1927. After radio took over by the Government of India it began as The Indian State Broadcasting Service on 1st April 1930 on experiment basis and permanent on May 1932. It became all India on 8th June 1936.

External service was started in Pushtu on October 1st, 1939. At the time of Indian Independence in 1947 AIR had only six radio stations ( Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Madras, Lucknow, and Tiruchirappalli) apart from this other three radio stations were at Lahore, Peshawar, and Dhaka. It broadcasts Programme in 16 foreign languages and 11 Indian languages.

Vividh Bharti Service was launched on 3rd October 1957 to compete with the radio Ceylon. Television service started as a part of radio in 1959 from Delhi and T.V splits from Radio on 1st April 1976 and became Doordarshan.

Fm broadcasting began on 23rd July 1977 in Chennai. Deccan Radio ( Nizam radio 1932). It was the first radio station of Hyderabad went on air on 3rd February 1935. It was launched by Mir Osman Ali Khan. Now it merges with AIR and became AIR-Hyderabad.

News on Phone started on 25th February 1998 in New Delhi.

  •  Vividh Bharti

It is the best-known service of All India Radio. It is a commercial broadcasting service (CBS). It offers a wide range of broadcasting on Film, news, Short plays, Music, and Comedy. It operates in Medium Wave.

  • Direct- to-Home

All India Radio broadcast various regional and national stations available on DD Free Dish.

  • National Channels of AIR

  • Vividh Bharti
  • FM Rainbow
  • Fm Gold
  • Raagam

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