AIDA Model

 AIDA model was developed by an American businessman E.ST. Elmo Lewis in 1898. AIDA is an acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, & Action. The main purpose of this model was making a connection between Seller and Buyer concerning products. The purpose was to increase or make sale calls. This model s often used in marketing that describes the steps taken by people throughout the process of buying product.


AIDA was a behavioral model that aims to make people aware of product stimulate interest, leads customers to desire and take them to the last stage of action. This model has been seen as more persuasive that often unconsciously affects our thinking (Butterfield, 1977).   According to the AIDA model, for making an advertisement to be effective it has to be one among all mention below:-

  • Command Action
  • Leads to Interest in the Product
  • Desire to own a Product
  • Leads to Action

For the success of any Advertisement, one has to design this in such a way so that consumer passes through all these steps mentioned above because all are equally important for any advertisement success. Advertisements must pass that message people can relate to and act in that way.

AIDA Approach:-

  1. Attract Attention:- product must attract the attention of the consumers. An Advertisement should be an eye-catcher.
  2. Interest:- some information such as Product details, Price, or Product availability have to be shown to create interest.
  3. Desire:– to make advertising desirable may approach celebrity in a particular commercial. The consumer gets more attached to that particulars ad in which their favorite celebrity or ideal have shown.
  4. Action:– as soon as Desire aroused, this must be transferred into action, must add something interesting that urges the customer to act now. There could be time availability, sale price or limited price that may lead people to action.

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