RACE Model of Public Relation


RACE Model:- this model was propounded by John Marston in 1963. RACE is an Acronym where R– Research, A– Action, C– Communication, E– Evaluation.


RACE model can be used in the strategic planning of PR. Research is the very first step toward any marketing planning. Research brings out the SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat). Research is necessary to do before taking any further step. Insights of PR plannings are customer needs, target audience, demographics, what customers want, where they get all the information from ( TV, Newspaper, Magazines, etc.).

The next step is Action, this includes what information is needed to communicate and what action we should take while delivering the information. The information must be newsworthy. It must be related to what your target audience wants from you. The third step is Communication involving information and content to deliver. This talks about what information you are going to deliver in your action plan to the target audience with effective media. The last step is Evaluation. This is the most important step where you find out the effectiveness of content delivered to the target audience. It shows the result of your PR campaign and the effectiveness of the content.

The RACE model is very helpful to make any further plan for a PR campaign. PR is a dynamic process so always keep in mind the continuity of your planning, focus and attention to make the campaign effective.

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